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Casey Richey Garber

Casey grew up playing competitive sports: volleyball, basketball, and track. She moved to the Jefferson City area after high school where she obtained her college degree and started her family. She stayed active in the volleyball community coaching club volleyball and playing in both women and co-ed volleyball leagues. Competitive sports was always something she really enjoyed but was faced with a cancer diagnosis that required multiple surgeries and a series of radiation. Upon completing treatments, she was offered a restorative yoga session. As a competitive athlete she was reluctant and unsure about the science of yoga. After one restorative yoga session, she recognized the realness and benefits of the mind body connection and began to seek out her own personal yoga journey. While in a beginner’s yoga workshop she fell in love with yoga and continued a daily practice for two years before deciding to attend yoga teacher training so she could share her passion for yoga with others. She truly believes that yoga helps people to deal with all that goes on in life “off the mat”. Outside of yoga, Casey can be found all over the country, as she works for a transportation trade association based out of Washington DC, or at a football or baseball field or basketball gym cheering on her two boys.

Casey will be teaching every Saturday at 10:30! Come see her!

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Name:Casey Richey Garber

Address: 3600 Country Club Dr. #530A
        Jefferson City, MO. 65109

Phone: 573 415-8685