Caley Kramer

From a small town just outside of Jefferson City, Caley values the sense of community in the fitness industry. Throughout her school years her love for competition led her to many sports, including gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and softball. Caley devoted most of her time during her college years to her studies, earning a Master’s degree in Communication Science and Disorders, and a minor in Psychology to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. It was during this time that she noticed a steady decline in her nutrition and exercise, using “lack of time” as her justification. She then committed the following year to learning about nutrition, positive mentality, faith, and fitness. She found her true fit and ambition right here at Studio573, just months after it’s opening. The trainer-led workouts and motivating community brought her back day after day. As she noticed the positive changes mentally and physically, she became determined to continue making health a priority. Her goal now is to be that leader for others to discover the many benefits of exercise. She hopes to encourage more people in this generation to keep healthy habits while handling all of life’s curveballs.

“Exercise can change your day, and will eventually change your life. You have the time, and the resources are out there. Find the place that will keep you going.”

Quick Profile

Name:Caley Kramer

Address: 3600 Country Club Dr. #530A
        Jefferson City, MO. 65109

Phone: 573 415-8685