Anything Goes:

An open gym style class written up by an expert trainer.  This class will give you a little bit of everything you need.  


A ballet inspired pilates class that also combines some of the disciplines of yoga. Using small hand weights, stability balls, and bands, you will firm and tone those muscles in no time!  This class is great for gaining core strength and overall body toning. 

Rise and Grind:

Inspired by the traditional early morning Bootcamp style, this class is designed to get you moving and ready to start your day. We combine weight training, endurance, and overall body strength.


We use a combination of different circuits, including Woodway treadmills, Concept 2 rowers, weights, and stability bands. This class is designed for all levels since modifications are offered. And, as always, it is you-vs-you.


Hatha style yoga to renew and relax.  Introduction to basic poses, mindfulness of breath and movement, and focus on postural alignment.  Increase strength and flexibility.  This class is great for all ability levels.

Personal Training:

Whether you are training for a competition, wanting to increase your endurance/strength or lose weight, our trainers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping you achieve your fitness goals.  This process will start with a complementary consultation to complete a personalized plan that’s right for you.


Consider this class the most effective bootcamp there is.
A 60 minute group training class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training.

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