Becky Pfenenger

Becky Pfenenger started her journey as a collegiate athlete. She found a passion for helping injured athletes get back to the sport they love. This lead her to earn a B.S. in Sports Medicine. After school she coached girls basketball for 7 years and then saw a need to help others feel better through fitness. Becoming an ACE certified Personal Trainer, and an ACE certified Health Coach gave her ways to help others. She has worked in the fitness/health fitness industry for 20 years.  

“My specialties are in exercise program design and injury prevention. I love helping people learn how to make healthier choices, and learn how to ‘fit’ fitness into their daily routine.  
Being a busy mom of three I understand the importance of juggling work, home, and my health. It is not always an easy task to get everything done, but if something is important to you, amazingly it all fits in.”

Quick Profile

Name:Becky Pfenenger

Address: 3600 Country Club Dr #530A
                        Jefferson City,
                             MO 65109

Phone: (573) 415-8685