Fit Tribe


Do you avoid gyms like the plague but know you NEED to get moving to get healthy?

Maybe you’re self-conscious about your appearance or beginning skill level?

Are you looking for your tribe of people to support you and provide encouragement on your journey?

\\\\ We’ve got you ////

What if we told you that a fitness instructor and health coach who have been through your struggle would be here to guide your journey?

Introducing – FIT TRIBE!

A four-week workshop where you will be…
• Introduced to an amazing local gym – Studio 573
• Given a health assessment & access to personal coaching
• Provided light exercise and proper technique tips
(including optional modifications)
• Supportive, non-judgmental environment
• Offered goal-setting strategies including how to find your ‘why’

Just $39 for this 4 week clinic!

Feel free to reach out to Laura Sigwerth or Kristin Hu personally with any questions.

We will help you prepare to keep up your healthy lifestyle improvements throughout the holidays and we plan to keep the tribe vibe going for those interested in committing to a healthier YOU in 2019!

Let’s do this. Together.